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Commemoration article in the Irish Examiner

17 October 2013
Commemoration article in the Irish Examiner
On the 21st of October the second in a series of five monthly articles complementing the ‘Time in Transition — It’s about Time 2’ programme was published by the Irish Examiner. It can be accessed here. This article focuses on 'Commemoration' and it aims to draw analogies between the commemorative monuments of our past and how we commemorate and celebrate today. A launch article published in May can be viewed here. The first article in the monthly series, published in September, focuses on 'Pilgrimage' and can be acccessed here.

Check out the following websites which complement the ‘Commemoration’ article in the Irish Examiner (Monday 21st October). This is part of the Worship and Commemoration Theme within the resource for the Transition Year Option (see Theme I, Unit 1, Lessons 1 and 2a/2b) which can be accessed via the homepage on this site.

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